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+ Who is allowed to have a policy?

Any employee of a business, including directors. The business can be a limited company, a limited liability partnership, a partnership, a charity or a sole trader. However, sole traders or equity partners or members cannot be the life assured. 'Salaried' partners (those who are not being taxed on trading income) can be covered.

+ What factors should I consider when choosing a first time mortgage?

There are many things to take into consider and I would advise calling us so we can find out more about your situation and give you more targeted answers. But as a brief outline,

some of the factors you need to take into account are:

  • Period of a fixed or tracker rate.

  • Effect of deposit on the interest rates offered

  • A mortgage company's customer service track record.

  • How much can I borrow?

  • Do I want the security of fixed monthly payments?

  • Do I need flexibility to make lump sum payments?

  • Can the mortgage lender move quickly enough to secure the property?

  • How much will I need to pay in fees?

  • How do I know the property is worth what I am paying for it?

  • What exactly does the mortgage process involve?

  • + Joint Residential Mortgages - What’s right for me and how does it work?

    Buying a property on your own it stressful enough – so when it comes to joint mortgages – you want to know how best to make it work.
    When applying for a joint residential mortgage, it’s vital to not only get a competitive interest rate but also to find a product that suits your lifestyle and needs.

    Here are some things to take into consider:

  • How much can we borrow?

  • How much deposit do we collectively have?

  • How are we going to pay the loan back?

  • Can we keep our existing property and let it out?

  • What happens if one of us takes time off work?

  • How do we protect our home and family?

  • + What are Commercial Mortgages

    Commercial investment mortgages are designed for individuals and companies purchasing a business property as an asset, profiting from rents and property value appreciation.

    + What’s the minimum deposit I need for a Buy-to-Let?

    The minimum requirement for a buy-to-let mortgage is usually a 15% deposit, although you may need a 40% deposit to secure access to the very lowest interest rates. Best to speak to us as this is always changing depending on the market.

    + There is so much advice online – why do I need an advisor?

    Remortgaging/Mortgaging can be complicated so it is not advisable to do it yourself on the internet. It always pays to use the services of a professional mortgage broker to ensure that you are not paying more than necessary.

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